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Reconnect to (your) nature

A 1-day ‘Ethos’ event led by Jungle Svonni, Sami Shaman and Marieke Akgul, Shamanic Animal Communicator.










Nature Walk

Join us during this walk through a unique Dutch Landscape. Connecting you with the hunters and gatherers who lived here and left landscape markings such a ‘hunebeds’ and ‘grave hills’.

Dutch Mycelium Tour

1-day tour visiting THE Dutch Mycelium Experts and their work. Accompanied by a mushroom dinner and followed by an inspiring evening of lectures and discussion.

Reconnect with Nature - trip to indigenous Sapmi

Join us on this Biomimicry Ethos ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ trip to Sapmi, land of the Sami, Located in the North of Scandinavia, where in 8 days you will be re-learned the basics of interspecies communication. Download the *.pdf here for more information.

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19 December.

Nature walk

Join us during this walk through a unique Dutch landscape. Connecting you with the hunters and gatherers who lived here and left landscape markings such as 'hunebeds' and 'grave hills'.

Find your own roots by connecting with these places and the nature surrounding them by allowing your heart to be fully open, through time and space, aligning you with your natural state of being.

We will be connecting with our heritage, the landscape and the animals through a sheep herding experience under the guidance of a local shepherd.

Download the full program here.

19 december 2021

10.00 am - 15.30 pm

Parkeerplaats Kampsheide, Balloo

Ticket options:

- Nature Walk with Marieke Akgul, ad € 75,-

- Lunch at the ‘Schaapskooi’, ad € 15,25

- Authentic Sheep Herding Experience, with Marieke Akgul and the local Shepherd ad € 36,50

Full package € 126,75

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17 December

1-day 'ethos' event "Reconnect to (your) nature"

17 december 2021

10 am - 16 am

De Kleine Aarde, Boxtel

Ticket: 295€ ex. vat.

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Explore with us how it feels to be fully connected with Nature again, common to your ancestors, and to see the World and her current challenges through the eyes of the animals. Learn from their wisdom and apply it on a day-to-day basis both in your work as private life. This event will be a mixture of lectures, shamanic journeying; listening to Yoik & drumming to bring you into your natural state, and practical exercises.

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Jungle Svonni is a Sami shaman from one of the most isolated reindeer herding districts in Northern Sapmi where he grew up without electricity or roads. Jungle will share about the Sami, an indigenous tribe in Europe with roots in Siberia and Mongolia. The Sami traditionally lives on hunting, fishing, gathering, and reindeer herding. The land of the Sami, Sapmi, is mainly located North of the Arctic circle and is currently invaded by Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. Jungle will give insights into their traditionally shamanic way of living. Following the reindeers which have been their live support since ancient times, allowing them to live a (semi-) nomadic lifestyle.

Marieke Akgul is a shamanic animal communicator from the Netherlands. During her life, she received many unique insights shared by animals, plants, trees, etc regarding their take on the World, us, and each other. She will happily pass them now on to you, helping you understand on a deeper level where we differ from the Natural World and what we have in common. How would we as humans behave if we would indeed live according to the Worldview of the animals, of nature? Applied in today’s society it will help us regain back our original place in nature and help turn our current struggling economy into a circular sustainable economy, thriving for all living beings.

Key takeaways:

  • Unique insights that make you rethink many aspects of your life
  • Rarely offered lecture regarding Sami Culture, officially the last European Indigenous tribe
  • Indigenous wisdom applied in modern society
  • Deeper knowledge of the ‘ethos’ side of biomimicry
  • Refreshing worldview through the eyes of Nature
  • An intensified connection with Nature through the heart
  • Practical exercises to keep that connection developing
  • Hands-on paradigm shift that empowers you to find sustainable solutions
  • Inspiration for private and work situations
  • The experience of yoik, a vocal technique rarely heard outside Sapmi.
  • A special composed shamanic journey for this day, you will receive afterward as a gift for future use and keep you connected with today's mind shift.

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